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BNI Creates Friendships

BNI Creates Friendships

This week BNI members gathered together to go play some outdoor Bocce Ball. Unfortunately the weather was not complying, so the gaming was not possible, but they still gathered to hang out.

*This was not a BNI sponsored event, our group is still in remote mode. However, the 360 group isn’t only about work and referrals, it is also about friendship! People wanted to get together to let off some steam and just hang out (oh gosh, we all deserve that, eh? =D), and so this fun meetup was planned by some of the members.

Met at the delicious Mandola’s, had great Italiano Appetizers and Atmosphere. Best part – got to meet THREE OF OUR NEWEST MEMBERS and also meet some older New 🙂 Members!


Erika was able to join later too!